Improve Your Academic IELTS Writing Skills!

IELTS_Writing_SummitMobility for both educational and professional purposes has been a major growth market for two decades, with a focus on English-speaking countries.

Indeed, we recently wrote a post highlighting a recent study by the Boston Consulting Group in which five of the top 10 destination cities of the global and mobile elite were in English-speaking countries.

London and New York ranked first and second respectively.

The IELTS (International English Language Testing Service) is one of the main credentials sought by government bodies, organizations, and companies for prospects to demonstrate their English proficiency.

However, there is a problem.

IELTS Writing

Many aspiring professionals and students lack strong writing skills to reach the Band 7 or 8 score needed for graduate studies or a work permit.

Frankly, English learners do not receive adequate practice writing English in the classroom. Whether the instructor is not comfortable with their own writing skills or benign neglect prevails, their students suffer.

Thus, many talented English learners are unprepared for the tough IELTS writing section.

In some cases, corporations use the IELTS to test their employees who attend English classes. In other situations, a promotion hinges on success on the IELTS.

For business professionals, written English is a vital skill given the language’s importance in the global interdependent economy.

The Academic IELTS Writing section thus becomes even a greater obstacle for upwardly mobile professionals.


The exponential growth of candidates sitting for the exam globally since its inception in 1989 demands a response to help those who need to boost their IELTS writing competence.

A growing elite of ambitious professionals want to participate in the global interdependent economy.

Migration to English-speaking countries is increasing and thus so is the demand for credentials like a high IELTS Band score.

All this week in various online venues we present a host of tips and suggestions for both students and professionals to enhance their IELTS Writing skills in time for the big exam day!


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